Fast food fans say Home Bargains dip tastes ‘just like McDonald’s Sweet Curry sauce’

If you’re a huge fan of the Sweet Curry dip at McDonald’s then shoppers think they’ve found a whole bottle that tastes identical for just 99p.

A Home Bargains customer said the store’s ‘Spice Ketchup Curry’ made by Hela is the perfect substitute to recreate the flavour of fast food at home.

It was spotted on sale for less than a pound, with ingredients including tomatoes and spices such as pepper, paprika and chilli.

The sauce’s description states: “The extra-savoury curry flavour gives this ketchup its pleasantly hot taste. A perfect match for any kind of meat or sausages.”

A Home Bargains shopper spotted the great deal and posted to the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group on Facebook, writing: “If you like Mcdonald’s Sweet Curry Sauce, try this from Home Bargains. 99p. It tastes just like it.”

McDonald’s Sweet Curry sauce is a huge hit with fast food fans, with many raving about how good it is on chips, nuggets and chicken selects to give the flavour a mouth-watering tang.

The post proved popular on the group, which boasts more than 1.5 million members, as it racked up thousands of comments and likes from others desperate to get their hands on a bottle.

Some were worried the post had let the secret out of the bag, commenting: “Nooo don’t post it, there will be none left lol!”

A second replied to say: “My favourite McDonald’s sauce! I’ll be looking for this.”

Another wrote: “Omg whoever is going grab me six bottles. Best curry sauce ever.”

A fourth added: “Oooooohhhh that’s well good!!! Saves me getting a million from Maccies haha.”