Woman left ‘absolutely mortified’ after donating the wrong bag to a charity shop

A woman has said she was left physically cringing in a ball of shame for 40 minutes when she realised she had accidentally donated a bag of very personal items to her local charity shop.

The mum explains that she and her husband had been having a clear out, and were bagging up a lot of their old possessions for donation.

They went through baby clothes, toys, wardrobes and kitchen drawers during the declutter, and the woman said she also had a sort through her “private quarters”.

This came in the form of a bedside drawer, which contained sex toys as well as other important items including “some very sentimental jewellery”.

She put the contents of the drawer into a bag to put away again when they were done, but during the clear out of her old clothes, accidentally threw some dresses on top and forgot all about it.

It was only after she dropped off the pile of bags to “two very nice old dears” at her nearby charity shop and returned home that she realised her “calamitous mistake”.

She wrote on Reddit : “The f***ing penny dropped so hard. I have never felt the sensation of physically cringing in shame like this before – after I was able to stop saying ‘oh my god’ and explain to my husband what I’d done, I crawled up into a ball with my hands over my ears for about 40 minutes trying to process it.”

She said although she wishes she could have written it off and never returned, the bag unfortunately also contained a necklace “a very dear and departed friend gave to me” which she couldn’t bear to lose.

Returning to the shop the following day, she asked if she could take a look in the back to find a bag she had donated by mistake.

The member of staff asked what the bag contained to enable her to identify it, and after an awkward conversation the pair came to the mutual understanding as to what she had handed over by mistake.

She relayed the conversation: “‘Does it have… batteries?'”, the worked had asked. “‘Um… yes … …’ ‘Is it … a sex toy?’ ‘Yes,’ I whispered, eyes down at the floor.”

The mum was allowed into the back and saw many of the items she had donated, but not the bag containing her ‘personal items’ or the necklace.

Giving up on the search, she said she told the charity shop worker: “‘I’m so sorry about all this… I’m absolutely mortified…. thanks though, have a nice weekend…’

“And honestly, hand on heart, she replied – ‘I will if I find your sex toys’.”

Many people in the comments tried to ease her embarrassment by revealing they had worked in charity shops and received far worse on a weekly basis.

And others – despite being sad that she had lost a meaningful piece of jewellery – were left in stitches. One replied: “That last line was savage! Oh my god, I haven’t laughed so hard at an online comment in a long time!”